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25gm tube

Contralube 770
dielectric power and data contact/connector gel

The ultimate "Connector Protector"
Product Condition: New
£14.50 excluding VAT

Contralube 770 is a dielectric power and data contact/connector gel that weatherproofs electrical/electronic and signal/data connections from moisture, rust, dust, saltwater etc. Amazingly Contralube 770 doesn't affect the flow of electricity of the quality of your analogue or digital signal. Great on any electrical/mechanical device connection and any metal on metal contact....much better than all those cheap WD40 type sprays and silicone sprays. Contralube 770 is silicone free. 

Who would use Contralube 770? Electrical and electronic engineers, vehicle electricians AV, RF and CCTV/security technicians. Also great for TV and Satellite engineers as well as radio hams and radio controlled model enthusiasts, fishermen, yachtsmen and other salty sea dogs.

Product Overview

Contralube 770 is a clear gel that is primarily used as an electrical/electronic connector and contact protector gel.
Contralube 770 can also be used on any data connection -digital or analogue.
Contralube 770 is used to prevent moisture ingress (inc. salt water), oxidation and
corrosion, contact wear, verdigris and fretting corrosion.
Contralube 770 can be used on all connector types - multipin, spade, bullet, screw,
bayonet etc and will improve the reliability of connectors and extend connector life.
Features and Benefits
❖ State of the art formula - does not cause circuit impedance or affect data signal quality.
❖ Water and salt water resistant (weatherproofing from rain & spray).
❖ Prevents oxidation - Extends life of contacts/connectors.
❖ Halts vibration (fretting) corrosion – ideal preventative maintenance solution.
❖ Prohibits contact wear - reduces costs.
❖ Dielectric product - cannot introduce faults
if mis-applied (breakdown voltage is 10kV).
❖ Synthetic product - does not evaporate.
❖ UV dye included - aids inspection when applied in thin layers.
Contralube 770 does not contain silicone.
Typical Applications
Multipin Connectors - Electronic & Data Connections
Electro/Mechanical & Terminals Vehicle Electrics
CCTV & Audio Visual Equipment Communications & Radio Controlled Equipment
Directions For Use
Apply generously to the connector or contact surface you wish to protect. In the case of multipin connectors, squirt directly into the male and female pins/holes of the connector you wish to safeguard.
Apply to bullet, spade or any other type of push fit connector.
Contralube 770 is compatible with most plastics and all metals (including gold and
silver) so is suitable to protect any metal on metal interface.
Recommended Service Range (°C) -40 to 130


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