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Voltage Sensitive Caravan Split charge & fridge relay

Voltage Sensitive 30 Amp fridge and auxiliary battery split-charge relay for caravan/motorhome or trailer.
Product Condition: New
£10.20 excluding VAT
Suitable for 12v vehicles only.
Flip up lids for easy access to the terminal blocks
The relay will provide two switched circuit outputs, (each 15 Amp rating), to be used conventionally, i.e. one for auxillary battery charging and the other to run a 12vdc fridge.
In addition a non- switched 12v feed is also provided to connect to Pin 4 of the 12S socket. 
The idea of a voltage controlled relay is to simplify the installation, no connection is made to the vehicles alternator .
Simply connect this relay directly to the towing vehicles positive battery terminal and link to the appropriate pins in the grey 12S socket, thats it!
The relay monitors the towing vehicles battery voltage and when it reaches a pre set level, the relay switches on and supplies charging current to the aux. battery.  
Only 6 connections are required to the unit and as such it can be fitted in next to no time .
 Supplied with detailed full colour  instructions. (No cable is supplied with the unit).
Also available as a kit with pre-assembled wiring harness
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Safe Reliable Proven System Suitable for Caravans, trailers, motorhomes etc
Fully assembled wiring harness supplied
12 volt 30Amp Voltage sensing system
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Guaranteed Next Day Delivery Service Available
Please contact us for full details