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6-24V Energy Probe Tester-0-534-70

Part Number: 0-534-70
Product Code: 0-534-70
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0-534-70   053470

Multi-functional auto-electrician's circuit testing tool with LCD display. Energises or powers components, Voltmeter, Tests DC polarity, Tests circuit continuity, Selects positive or negative power output, LCD display.
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ALT/MM-D03145 A low cost multifunction digital multimeter designed for use in automotive testing applications. •Large LCD display for easy reading •Data hold function •Diode, transistor and continuity test capability •Auto power off function •Overload protection •Low battery indication •Power: 9V PP3 battery (not included) •Duty cycle: 0.1% to 99.9% *Temperature range •Tacho and dwell angle: 4/6/8 CYL
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DURITE 0-534-70       6v -12- 24v Energy probe
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DURITE 0-534-70
Energy Probe
PLUG - IN CURRENT TESTER Two models available (Standard & Mini Blade formats)
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Two models available "Standard blade fuse" model & "Mini/Micro blade fuse model"
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ideal tool for the diy auto electrician or for the professional who wants a pocket sized piece of test equipment.
This extremely robust metal bodied device will detect voltages between 6 - 24vdc.
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3½ Digit, 15mm height, 1999 count LCD display
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