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CONDENSER 54420128 ALT/WW10043-1-82
£12.50 (inc. VAT)
ALT/WW10043-1-82 Condenser Genuine Lucas Classic Condensor.
Fits BSA, Norton, Triumph Twins (1968-72), BSA 750 Triples (1968-72), Triumph 750 Triples (1969-75) and fits 6CA contact assembly.
Condenser pack ALT/WW61087-1-82
£13.78 (inc. VAT)

ALT/WW61087-1-82 Condenser pack rubber cover assembly.
As fitted to numerous models such as Triumph T120,TR6,T150 and BSA A65 models.


Condenser Pack Base Plate ALT/WW61086-1-82
£5.68 (inc. VAT)
ALT/WW61086-1-82 Condenser pack base plate.
Fits Triumph 650 Unit Twins (Bonneville, T120R, Tiger, TR6R, Trophy & TR6C) from 1968-1972. Fits Triumph 350 & 500 Unit Twins (Daytona, T100R, Tiger, T100S, T90 etc.) from 1968-1974. Fits BSA Unit Twins (Royal Star, Thunderbolt, Lightning etc.) from 1968-1972. Also fits BSA & Triumph Triples (A75, Rocket III, T150 & T150V) from 1968-1974
CONDENSOR 425377 LUCAS ALT/WW10039-1-82
£11.26 (inc. VAT)
ALT/WW10039-1-82 Condenser Genuine Lucas Classic Condensor.
Fits Lucas Model 18D2 Distributor and 4CA contact assembly, fits most British machines (1963-66), including Triumph Terrier, Tiger Cub, TR6/T120, BSA Bantam, C15, A50/A65, B40.
Lucas Condenser 3TA,5TA ALT/WW10040-1-82
£8.02 (inc. VAT)
ALT/WW10040-1-82 Condenser Replica Lucas Condenser. Fits Triumph 3TA/5TA (1957-63), T100A/6T (1960-62), Norton 50/88/99/ES2 distributor models and BSA B31 distributor models.
Lucas Condenser 400308 ALT/WW10042-1-82
£12.88 (inc. VAT)
ALT/WW10042-1-82 Condenser Genuine Lucas Classic Condenser 400308
Suitable for Lucas DKX1A,DKX2A,DKX4A distributors
Lucas Condenser 423871 ALT/WW10038-1-82
£6.40 (inc. VAT)
ALT/WW10038-1-82 Condenser Genuine Lucas Classic Condenser.
As fitted to BSA C11G (1954-58) and C12 (1954-58) models, and various Triumph,Ariel,Enfield models
LUCAS CONDENSER 54441582 ALT/WW10044-1-82
£11.26 (inc. VAT)
ALT/WW10044-1-82 Condenser Genuine Lucas Classic Condensor.
Fits BSA Unit singles 1968 onwards , Triumph Trophy TR25 and Triumph T140 Bonneville 1973-75 models.
Lucas Condenser pack cover ALT/WW61085-1-82
£3.16 (inc. VAT)
ALT/WW61085-1-82 Condenser Genuine Lucas Classic Condenser pack rubber cover.
Fits Lucas 54420128 Condenser (WW10043).
Villiers Condenser M1750 ALT/WW10047-1-82
£9.64 (inc. VAT)
ALT/WW10047-1-82 Condenser Villiers Condenser 6E/7E/8E etc. Fitted to many motorcycles from pre war up to the late 1950's.
Also fitted on many industrial and marine applications.
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