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Conduit sleeving
(Non- Split Convoluted)
BLACK (nylon)

Large range of NON- SPLIT conduit. sizes from 7.20mm (4.5mm int. dia). - 39.00mm (32.00mm int. dia.)
Sold by the metre or full roll (please ring for roll prices )
Product Condition: New
Conduit sleeving NON - SPLIT
£0.55 excluding VAT
Black nylon convoluted NON- SPLIT conduit.
Sold by the metre or full roll (please ring for roll prices )
Ideal for protecting wiring looms/ harnesses.

Operating temperature: -40C - / +120C
Self extinguishing
Resistant to oil, petrol & water.
Material Nylon 6

All the sizes below (except 29 & 32 int. dia) are also available in SPLIT conduit.

Please choose your requirements from the "RED BOX" Drop Down menu situated just above the "ADD TO CART" Tab.

Available in the following sizes 

ALT/CTPA04 = 4.5mm int. dia. - 7.2mm ext. dia.
ALT/CTPA06 = 6.00mm int. dia. - 9.6mm ext. dia.
ALT/CTPA08 = 6.60mm int. dia. - 10.20mm ext. dia.
ALT/CTPA10 = 8.20mm int. dia.- 11.75mm ext. dia
ALT/CTPA12 = 10.00mm int. dia - 13.25mm ext. dia.
ALT/CTPA16 = 11.00mm int. dia - 16.10mm ext dia.
ALT/CTPA18 = 14.20mm int. dia. - 18.50mm ext. dia.
ALT/CTPA20 = 16.10mm int. dia. - 21.35mm ext. dia.
ALT/CTPA24 = 20.10mm int. dia. - 24.50mm ext. dia.
ALT/CTPA28 = 21.20mm int. dia. - 28.60mm ext. dia.
ALT/NSCT29 = 29.00mm int. dia. - 36.00mm ext. dia.
ALT/NSCT32 = 32.00mm int. dia. - 39.00 mm ext. dia.

Sold by the metre, max length 100mtrs.

Any continuous length available up to 100mtrs.

Please contact us for discounted prices if wishing to purchase 100mtr rolls
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Sold by the metre or full roll (please ring for roll prices )
4 sizes available
Guaranteed Next Working Day Delivery Service Available
Please contact us for full details