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Ignition Switches

Ignition Switch Rubber cover 97-2262 ALT/WW10169-1-82
£5.30 (inc. VAT)
ALT/WW10169-1-82 Switches & Parts Ignition Switch Rubber cover for all Triumph, BSA models fitted with the Lucas 30608 Ignition Switch in the left hand headlamp bracket.
Lucas 88sa Headlamp switch ALT/WW10118-1-82
£48.52 (inc. VAT)
ALT/WW10118-1-82 Switches & Parts Genuine Lucas Classic 88SA LU34289A lighting switch.
As fitted to BSA C15,B40,B44 etc, and Triumph 3TA.
Lucas 88sa Ignition switch ALT/WW10117-1-82
£48.52 (inc. VAT)
ALT/WW10117-1-82 Switches & Parts Genuine Lucas Classic 88SA LU34427B ignition switch.
As fitted to BSA C15,B44,B40 models etc
Lucas Ignition Lock and Keys ALT/WW10145-1-82
£8.54 (inc. VAT)
ALT/WW10145-1-82 Ignition Locks and Keys Genuine Lucas Classic Ignition lock & keys for Lucas ignition switch bodies
As fitted to the Genuine Lucas switch bodies LU30608, LU35351 and LU30552.
Lucas Ignition Switch 35351 ALT/WW10131L-1-82
£16.10 (inc. VAT)
ALT/WW10131L-1-82 Switches & Parts Genuine Lucas Classic 35351 Ignition/Lighting switch.
As fitted to :-
Triumph T140 models (1979-)
Lucas Ignition Switch body 30608 ALT/WW10163L-1-82
£16.10 (inc. VAT)
ALT/WW10163L-1-82 Switches & Parts Genuine Lucas Classic Ignition Switch body 30608.
Lucas PLC5 Ignition,light switch 34057 ALT/WW10137-1-82
£75.50 (inc. VAT)
ALT/WW10137-1-82 Switches & Parts Genuine Lucas PLC5 ignition and lighting switch.
Lucas PRS8 Switch 31443 ALT/WW10133-1-82
£85.78 (inc. VAT)
ALT/WW10133-1-82 Switches & Parts Genuine Lucas Classic PRS8 ignition/lighting switch.
As fitted to many Triumph,BSA and Norton models, including Triumph 3TA,5TA,Pre Units. Supplied with keys.
Lucas Switch Body 30552 ALT/WW10164-1-82
£34.10 (inc. VAT)
ALT/WW10164-1-82 Switches & Parts Genuine Lucas Classic ignition/light switch.
As fitted on Triumph T120,T140 Oil in Frame Bonneville, T150/T160 Trident, BSA A65, Rocket 3, and Norton Commandos.
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