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SEALEY MOT Pro II® - Multi-Manufacturer Diagnostic Tool EU908PRO-1-73

Autel MOT Pro II® - Multi-Manufacturer Diagnostic Tool
Autel MOT Pro II® - Multi-Manufacturer Diagnostic Tool
Autel MOT Pro II® - Multi-Manufacturer Diagnostic Tool
Autel MOT Pro II® - Multi-Manufacturer Diagnostic Tool
Autel MOT Pro II® - Multi-Manufacturer Diagnostic Tool
Part Number:EU908PRO-1-73
Product Brand: Sealey Autel
Product Code: EU908PRO-1-73
Model NoEU908PRO
Gross Weight1.533
Invent Dim IdDIM106539
Weight Plastics25
Weight Card Paper28
Total Volume0.00858
Nett Weight1.54kg
Function DescriptionFunction Application
Works with all (Petrol 2001 onwards and Diesel 2004) OBDII / EOBD compliant vehiclesYes
Scans for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) - The cause of the 'Engine and Transmission' Malfunction Indicator Light' (MIL)Yes
Scans for pending DTCsYes
Retrieves generic (P0, P2, P3 & U10) and manufacturer specific (P1, P3 & U1) DTCsYes
Turns off MIL light, clears DTCs and resets monitorsYes
Displays DTC definitions on screenYes
View freeze-frame dataYes
Displays monitor and I/M readiness status (emissions)Yes
Patented One-Click I/M readiness button (emissions)Yes
Retrieves vehicle information (VIN, CID & CVN)Yes
Supports CAN and other current EOBD ProtocolsYes
Supports the new extended sensor list (SAE J1979 - 2007)Yes
Reads live ECU/PCM data streamYes
Displays live O2 sensor dataYes
Graphing function for live dataYes
Read, store and playback live sensor dataYes
Performs 'modules present' testYes
Print out data via PC - Compatibility; Vista, XP, Win7/8/10Yes
Update software via the internet - Compatibility; Vista, XP, Win7/8/10Yes
Built-in EOBD library lookupYes
Troubleshooter code tips and repair information guideYes
Trouble shoots engine codesYes
Trouble shoots transmission codesYes
Trouble shoots ABS codesYes
Trouble shoots airbag (SRS) codesYes
Trouble shoots climate control codesYes
Trouble shoots battery codesYes
Electronic parking brake (EPB)Yes
Free updates when availableYes
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MOT Pro II® - Multi-Manufacturer Diagnostic Tool


• Highly functional, the Autel MOT Pro II® provides 40+ manufacturer coverage offering diagnostics on the most common modules such as EOBD, Transmission, ABS, Airbag, Battery testing/coding, DPF service and regeneration, Electronic Parking Brake (EPB), Oil Service Reset, some TPMS, some steering control sensors, climate, audio and more.
• Can be updated via web-based downloads.
• Supplied with operating instructions and USB cable in storage case.
• Visit for concise model applications.

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